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Creative Financial Solutions

private hard money loansThe financial landscape has changed forever. No longer can you rely on traditional sources of capital. Banks have fundamentally changed the way they do business and many banks aren’t lending. Instead they are increasing service fees to maximize profits – a much less risky endeavor.

Enter Cascade Financial. With more than 12 years of commercial lending experience, we have the skills necessary to build a financing solution to suit your needs. Our team has decades of experience in commercial real estate lending, and have closed over $400 million in loans. We have the knowledge and insight to guide you through the entire loan process, from initial review through closing, eliminating costly obstacles that stand in your path. No one is more diligent in finding you a creative funding solution.

Depending on the loan type and amount, we can fund your loan with our own funds, or utilize one of our capital partners. We are correspondents to several insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds and private equity funds.

You need a partner to navigate these tumultuous financial waters. We are here to help. Creative financial solutions are just a phone call away.

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