Underwriting Criteria

We do not like to waste our clients’ valuable time, which is why we take a common sense approach to underwriting that doesn’t burden clients with excessive and cumbersome documentation requirements and red tape.

Instead, we focus on a few key metrics and criteria that we believe are essential to a commercial real estate project’s success. In order to review a financing request, we generally require the following:

• Three years of business financial statements or tax returns

• Personal Financial Statement

• Income and Expense Projections

• A minimum cash or equity position by the borrower (i.e., some “skin in the game”)

• A reasonable exit plan

We generally look for deals with up to a 75% loan-to-value ratio, although we may accept a higher LTV in certain circumstances depending on the financial strength of the borrower and/or the quality of the property. Our loans are secured by commercial real estate or other acceptable collateral.

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